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About Us 

Cimbar Performance Minerals is one of the largest mineral-based additive suppliers in North America with corporate headquarters in Chatsworth, Georgia. Operating eight (8) plants in the US with global operations in Mexico, China and Pakistan.


Our Vision.


Our mission is to drive growth, development and innovation while focusing on superior customer service, comprehensive safety program and environmental sustainability.

Company Profile.


 Cimbar is a leading supplier of a barium sulfate, talc, alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide and post-consumer mineral-based additives. We offer a wide variety of grades and packaging options to fit any customer’s needs.  Our reach includes multiple industries and markets, the majority involved in developing high tech solutions to industrial and residential opportunities.

  Cimbar’s mineral-based additives provide solutions and enhancements to each customer’s unique applications with proprietary mineral grinding, classifying and surface modifying technology. Cimbar Performance Minerals provides rapid and innovative customized options for any opportunity.

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